Dr. Justin Thomas Explores Psychology in the Gulf States

Dr. Justin Thomas, an associate professor of Psychology at Zayed University and author of Psychological Well-Being in the Gulf States wrote a piece for The National about the increase of depression in the Gulf States as temperatures rise. Previously, he wrote intriguing columns on "If life is better than it used to be, why are... Continue Reading →


Everyone Has Stories To Tell

“I have met many [people] who think they can’t be writers because their lives aren’t interesting enough to write about. This is simply untrue. Everyone’s life is mysterious, beautiful, stunning magic. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived in the same town your whole life or traveled around the world seven times. What matters is your ability... Continue Reading →

Definitions and Readings for Research, Com 360

On Content Analysis Questionnaires Literature Review content-analysis_reading reagan_14 lit-review_360_reading Be able to identify each of these words or phrases: 1. Qualitative Research 2. Content Analysis 3. Stakeholders 4. Frequency in Content Analysis 5. Inter-Coder Reliability 6. Cultural Communication 7. Third-person Effect New words and definitions to learn that you will use in your research: 8. Random... Continue Reading →

On Hard Work

"Intellectual curiosity and a relentless work ethic matter infinitely more than natural ability in achieving excellence." -- Samuel G. Freedman, Letters to a Young Journalist, page 7-8, revised and updated edition.

Student Media Is Fundamentally Important to Professional Learning and Identity Formation

What follows is my written, prepared presentation for Society of Professional Journalists' Day at the American Community School, Abu Dhabi. Excerpts from my far more interactive and abbreviated oral presentation were transformed instantly into a professional podcast by Prof. Paul Lowman, to come. Click. It disturbs me when I see high schools and colleges without much... Continue Reading →

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