Definitions and Readings for Research, Com 360

On Content Analysis


Literature Review




Be able to identify each of these words or phrases:

1. Qualitative Research

2. Content Analysis

3. Stakeholders

4. Frequency in Content Analysis

5. Inter-Coder Reliability

6. Cultural Communication

7. Third-person Effect

New words and definitions to learn that you will use in your research:

8. Random sample

9. Survey

10. Questionnaire
11. Closed-ended questions
12. Open-ended questions
13. Primary sources
14. Historical Analysis. Examples of historical analysis.

Sunday’s Class: Appoint Leaders for Each Team. (You can work as part of a team or as an individual). Each team leader should set an appointment with me immediately when we return from break. My office hours are 12 to 4 Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday. After the break, I will also be available on Monday and Wednesday afternoons after 2 pm.

Narrow your research topic to something achievable.

On Tuesday, we plan to visit the library. Before leaving the library, come up with five research sources on your topic. Send me your sources by Thursday.


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