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"One's beliefs and expectations powerfully influence how one construes experience; they are embedded in one's values and identity and tend to become self-fulfilling prophecies." -- Maureen Coady.


The Usefulness of Market Research

Websites of market research firms can be a useful resource for students in both Com 360 (Research) and Com 441 (Media Law). These firms measure consumer behavior and chart sales, which can be used to observe performance of various media devices and content creators. Here are some news links of market from the NDP Group... Continue Reading →

Wikipedia: Credible Source for Researchers?

Wikipedia is increasingly the "go to" source for researchers, including journalists, consumers, health and medical professionals. However, few Wikipedia readers understand how the system works and where caution should be applied. In general, the original sources cited by Wikipedia may be credible. Wikipedia itself, however, is not an original resource and should not be cited... Continue Reading →

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