Attend Zumeff Film Festival

Your assignment this week is to attend the ZUMEFF Film Festival Tuesday or Wednesday, watch at least one film, and do a research paper of 250 words on it. Survey five people about the film. Here are some possible questions you can ask. You can also think of your own questions. Report the results of your survey, and also give your own observations of the film:

  • Like/dislike the film.
  • Genre: Was the film a comedy, tragedy, fairy tale, drama, adventure, horror film, documentary? What was the setting?
  • What was the film’s message as you understood it? Concept? Idea?
  • Script? Plot?
  • Visually appealing? Evaluate graphics and images?
  • Evaluate the acting. Who were the most memorable characters? Why?
  • Overall grade you and others would give the film?

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