The Danger of Posing Leading Questions to Slant Survey Results

Here's a humorous example from the British television show, "Yes, Minister," of how public opinion surveys can be skewed to get the desired result. Be careful when you are designing surveys. Test them on classmates. If 90% or more answer "yes" or "no" to a question, think of a different question or a different way... Continue Reading →


UAE Cybercrime Law

1. Cyber crime law seeks to fight internet abuse and protect privacy (The National, 2012) 2. Far-reaching Cyber-Crime Law Is a Legal Necessity (Editorial in The National) 3. One in Four UAE Busineses Are Victims of Fraud. Cyber-Crime Represents More Than One-Third of Cases. (The National) 4. Worst passwords list shows there’s no safety in numbers (The National) 5.... Continue Reading →

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