Photojournalism: Portraits Draw Strong Reactions, Pro and Con


Photojournalist Adam Ferguson received strong reaction to his portrait of Taiwanese president hopeful Tsai Ing-wen. She appeared under the title “She could lead the only Chinese democracy – And that makes Beijing nervous.”


Learning About Camera Capabilities of Your Smart Phone

Smart phones now have such sophisticated cameras that it is no longer necessary to purchase a high-end, brand-name SLR camera in order to take great pictures. To illustrate, the photo in the banner above for this blog was taken with a simple smart phone, purchased in 2013.

My previous smart phone, purchased in 2011, couldn’t take anything close to a fine picture like that.

So, we are currently seeing a revolution in smart phone photography capabilities. Peruse these links:

One of the first things I ask students in Photojournalism class to do is to research the full capabilities of their smart phones and post videos, reviews and links to their blogs.

Here’s mine, a LG G2:

My camera is a Nikon D5300.

What Google Photos Say About You

Seth Fiegerman in Mashable: “The algorithms have spoken: I am an anti-social homebody who spends a great deal of his free time photographing the same few cats, meals and sunsets. I travel occasionally, but mostly along the East Coast near where I live. And I spend almost all of my time with a small group of half a dozen people — rarely at the same time.

“That, at least, is my takeaway after a weekend of studying (or perhaps overstudying) the groupings and trends in Google Photos. The application, easily the most buzzed-about announcement from Google’s big developer conference last week, automatically scans, backs up and organizes the massive heap of photos kept on your smartphone.” MORE.

Read the features of Google’s new photo app.

Will Google Photos Revolutionarize How We Look at Pictures?


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