Tough UAE Social Media Law


Before the Interviews

  1. Make a list of at least 10 questions you want to answer in this story. Some of the questions should be general, some of them should be specific.
  2. Make a list of prospective sources, at least five (people, web resources, written bios, etc.)
  3. Do advance research before interviews — read bios, background materials, book jackets, summaries, web resources, online articles, so that you don’t waste a source’s time asking them to explain what is already in written material you could have read. You should know enough about the topic to ask informed questions. Try to develop a unique angle before your interviews.
  4. Allot at least 15 minutes for each interview. It’s difficult to fully understand someone’s perspective in less than 15 minutes.
  5. If you are doing a personality profile, allot at least 45 minutes but no more than an hour for the major interview. It’s difficult to fully understand or appreciate a person’s background and personality in less than 45 minutes.
  6. Always get an email address or phone number so you can ask follow-up questions.
  7. For longer or focused interviews, try to arrive early so you have time to collect your thoughts and look over or closely observe the environment in which the interview will take place.
  8. If doing a personality profile, try to meet the person you are interviewing in their environment, where they feel most comfortable — their office, for example.
  9. Be sure you have a notebook to write in and pens to write with. In some cases, you might want to record the interview, but be advised that transcribing an interview is time-consuming. EVEN IF YOU ARE RECORDING AN INTERVIEW, TAKE SOME NOTES to remind yourself of the most important points or to note the counter number on the recorder for the best “sound bites.”
  10. As you walk into the area where the interview is to take place, look for unusual details — a photo on a wall, a book on display, an insignia on a shirt or tie, that might be an ice-breaker that starts a conversation and tells a story about the person you are interviewing.

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Are Technology ‘Advances’ Making Privacy Violations So Much Easier?


UAE Residents Are Warned Against Surfing Child Pornography Websites

Surfing child pornography can be identified by the user’s IP (Internet Protocol) address. This can be monitored by Etisalat or Du in the UAE and reported to police. A conviction for possessing child pornography can lead to six months in prison and/or a one million dirham fine. Surprisingly, convictions for downloading child pornography are harsher in the United States — typically seven years or more in jail — than in the UAE.

Abu Dhabi man jailed for possessing child pornography ……/abu-dhabi-man-jailed-for-possessing-childpo

Jun 7, 2015 – ABU DHABI // A man found in possession of child pornography has been … The court convicted him according to article 18 of the information  .

UAE resident to be deported for sharing child pornography ……/uae-resident-to-be-deported-for-sharing-child

Mar 17, 2015 – ABU DHABI // The Supreme Court upheld the sentence on Tuesday for a man convicted of possessing and distributing child pornography  …

Man jailed for possessing child pornography |…/uae/…/man-jailed-for-possessing-childpornography-1….

Jun 7, 2015 – Abu Dhabi: A man has been convicted of possessing five CDs containingpornographic material featuring children. The Abu Dhabi Court of  …

Some are concerned that the UAE law doesn’t make enough distinctions between pornography and child pornography. Click.


‘Hate Speech Law’ Adopted in UAE




Music Copyright Infringement and the Law

“Where do you draw the line between inspiration and appropriation when it comes to musical compositions? That question is at the heart of several high-profile court cases,”

National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition had the story.


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