12 Basics of Interviewing, Listening, Note-taking

Roy Peter Clark's advice to students and young journalists on interviewing, listening, and note-taking.


Social Media Posts About Floods in UAE, Causing Panic? Go to Jail

Emirates 247.com: "During the recent heavy rains across the UAE some individuals behaved irresponsibly on social networking sites, said officials. They shared photos and videos from accidents that occurred during the rainy days and circulated rumours about building collapses and people drowning in rain water, thereby, creating panic among public." Spreading rumours is a criminal... Continue Reading →

Exemplary Broadcaster, CNN Intern

Rakan Zainal, a Qatari citizen who interned at CNN, was one of ZU's truly outstanding students. He was profiled by Zajel, the ZU student publication, in 2014, and described how he became a boxing champion. Camel racing: Centuries-old sport with a modern twist - CNN.com edition.cnn.com/2015/04/15/sport/camel-racing-dubai/ Camel racing: Centuries-old sport with a modern twist. By... Continue Reading →

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