Resources on Entrepreneurial Journalism and Communication

The old business models for journalism, and communication, both print and broadcast, are changing dramatically or perhaps even dying. Educators in communication have to recognize that if they don’t innovate, they may be training students for jobs that will not exist in their students’ professional lives.

That’s why I’m attending the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism’s 2016 Summit on¬†Entrepreneurial Journalism, primarily for educators.

I discovered the online world in the early 1990s and immediately recognized the potential revolutionary impact on societies. Between 1994 and 2009, I sought to be an online entrepreneur, creating a number of email newsletters, websites, online communities and social media groups. I focused on content for families, neighborhoods, candidates, causes and advocacy groups, health care interest groups, travel and history. Some of these projects were artistically successful; several helped organizations meet their goals; some were politically successful, some contributed to positive social change; but none were financially sustainable as independent entities for the long term as I originally dreamed that they would be.

In 2009, I discovered a new calling as an educator, but I still have a strong interest in entrepreneurial journalism, or an interdisciplinary approach to building sustainable online businesses. It would be great to develop this knowledge into a course, because I have a number of students who dream of starting their own businesses. Some of them are actually successfully marketing their start-ups over Instagram. One of the ideas I heard today that could be implemented immediately is to start a club of students interested in entrepreneurship.

I’m gaining a lot of resources and contacts, listed below. I will update this list and develop it further.

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