Educator, Traveler, Journalist, Professional, History Buff, Blogger, Community Activist

Jim Buie (MA, American University, Washington, DC) is an educator, traveler, journalist, public relations professional, history buff, blogger, and community activist.

He has served as an educator since 2009, teaching English to Turks for two years, and then moving to the United Arab Emirates, where he worked at an international school for one year and then as a professor of communication at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi for four years.

He has been blogging since 2004, first on Typepad for 12 years and now on WordPress.

He has had an active Twitter account since 2007. The photo that serves as the banner for this blog was taken by the author in the “Empty Quarter” between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. He lived in the Middle East for eight years — Kayseri, Turkey for two years, and Abu Dhabi, UAE for six years.

He returned to North Carolina in 2018 and has been adjunct teaching and writing.


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