Alternate History Buff

We tend to see the past as an inevitable progression of events, but closer examination reveals that history is up for grabs. Chaos and chance, or Providence, Destiny and Fate, play a significant role. I explore "what if's" and alternate histories of each century at Highlights: A Cure for Hyperpartisanship? Pop Culture Embraces Counter-factual... Continue Reading →


Exploring North, Central and South America

Meditations in search of the Americas, 300 years of family stories, 140 years of photos and a sense of place, during and after living abroad. Trying to explain America to foreigners by listening to foreigners' observations of America.

Exploring Africa

My wife Lucia and I have a fascination with Africa and would love to spend months exploring, teaching, reporting, writing, taking photographs, collecting stories that shatter stereotypes. We've been lucky enough to spend time in Egypt and Tanzania. I maintain a blog on Africa, Highlights: Introduction. Movies about Africa. Teacher training in Tanzania.

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