ZU Student Publication Showcases Best Student Storytelling

Zajel, the Zayed University student publication, won a 2015 Mark of Excellence Award for "Best Online-Only Student Publication" from the Society of Professional Journalists. Fatima Karmostaji provided the details on the award. In 2016, Zajel started publishing regular video news stories. And for the first time, Zajel published during summer school, despite the fact that it was Ramadan and... Continue Reading →


Ethical Values in News Gathering and Non-Fiction Storytelling

Accuracy Balance Completeness Detachment Ethics Fairness Explain what each of these values are and why each is important. Note that "lack of bias" is not one of the core ethical principles. Why not? What are the challenges, pressures and limitations on achieving these values in the daily, weekly, monthly production of stories for public consumption?... Continue Reading →

Five Effective Ways to Tell A Story

ZU Student Moza Al Hamrani has compiled resources on effective ways to tell stories. Students should read and follow the links. Why good storytellers are happier in life and in love https://t.co/KSwJ9HXqWF via @WSJ — jimbuie (@jimbuie) July 5, 2016 The technology of storytelling https://t.co/apbRQDWO1H — jimbuie (@jimbuie) April 11, 2016 Storytelling: The New Strategic Imperative... Continue Reading →

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