Insane Newsman

"If anyone ever doubts the importance of pausing between two unrelated sentences, this is the video to show them." PUNCTUATION SAVES LIVES. "LET'S EAT GRANDMA!" "LET'S EAT, GRANDMA!"


Ethical Values in News Gathering and Non-Fiction Storytelling

Accuracy Balance Completeness Detachment Ethics Fairness Explain what each of these values are and why each is important. Note that "lack of bias" is not one of the core ethical principles. Why not? What are the challenges, pressures and limitations on achieving these values in the daily, weekly, monthly production of stories for public consumption?... Continue Reading →

Basic Writing Standards

Here are some of the basic standards I’m looking for when I grade your writing. This is A or B writing. Grades lower than B do not meet these standards. Snappy title or headline sparks curiosity of reader. Capitalize first letters of words in the title or headlines, except for small words (a, and the).... Continue Reading →

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