British Vs. American English

Here’s an interesting chart of some differences.


Test An Article’s Readability for Non-Native English Speakers

Click to see how to embed in Microsoft Outlook or Word.

Readability Formulas: Are your documents too hard to read? Can your readers understand your words? Do you know the reading level and grade level of your material?

Vocabulary Profiler: VocabProfile will tell you how many words the text contains from the following four frequency levels: (1) the list of the most frequent 1000 word families, (2) the second 1000, (3) the Academic Word List, and (4) words that do not appear on the other lists.

Most Commonly Used Words in English

John Bauman, a university professor in Japan, has post the General Service List (GSL) of the 2,000 most commonly used words in the English language. Click. 

The list of most commonly used words in academia is also a great resource. Click.

If you learn all the words on these two lists and how to use them correctly, you can call yourself fluent in English.

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