Even America Could Descend Into Tyranny



Students Take Exercises to Distinguish Real News from Fake News

The News Literacy Project helps students distinguish real news from fake news. Students in classrooms are doing exercises to determine real news from fake news, mostly from viral content spread on social media. Here’s the story from NPR.

Some politicians are attempting to delegitimize real news they don’t like that holds them accountable by labeling it “fake news.” A newspaper in Colorado is fighting back, and considers suing a politician for defaming its reputation. Click.

In Germany, Defamation Will Include Forwarding Fake News



10 Journalism Brands Where You Find Real News Rather Than Fake News

In this era of fake news, finding and developing trust in brand-name journalism is very important. Readers should view sites they’ve never heard of with a lot more skepticism than trusted brands. Here are 10 trusted brands in the US and the UK:


In addition, the New York Times has developed “skills and strategies for determining the reliability of sources.” Click.

And there’s this chart on the biases of American media sources. newsources





Fake News Is Not New


Americans believe crazy, wrong things

There are no child sex slaves at my local pizza parlor

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are in denial about fake news.

Facebook is said to create censorship tool for China.

How the Internet is Loosening Our Grip on the Truth




Debunking Conspiracy Theories

Many people in this Internet age believe “conspiracy theories” — assertions contrary to facts established by eyewitness accounts or authenticated documents.  How can professional communicators persuade people not to believe conspiracy theories? Some of these theories go to the heart of critical thinking, and the need to develop such skills.

  1. What is a good way to refute moon landing doubters?
  2. Reporter recalls experience covering moon landing.
  3. Why do people believe conspiracy theories?

Guide to Fake News Sites

Don’t be fooled by fake or fictitious news sites online.

How to tell fake news from real news.

Fake news has always been with us. It has led to violence and war. 





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