‘You Are Being Brainwashed’

Here's a thoughtful video from Rob Dial, with the message that "you are being brainwashed" by the media you consume, especially the negative crime news that makes you feel the world is an unsafe place, when in reality the world is physically safer than it has ever been. And yet, instead of a blanket blaming... Continue Reading →


Newspaper Investigations Become Ebooks

Readers may not yet be willing to pay much for online editions of newspapers, but The Washington PostĀ is leveraging the great reporting, strong writing and editing skills of its staff, as well as its massive archive of stories, into some impressive ebooks on important issues, available to download for between 99 cents and $5. Click.... Continue Reading →

3 Generations of Journalists, Each With Different Perspectives

"Every generation creates its own journalism," write Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel in "The Elements of Journalism." I often think how journalism, and communications in general, have changed dramatically since my teachersĀ and mentors made their marks on the profession. They were mostly World War II, Korean War or Vietnam War veterans who distinguished themselves as... Continue Reading →

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