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In his own way, for 17 straight months, Trump has been very generous to journalists. He has bestowed upon us endless fodder for news cycles, quips, thinkpieces, diatribes; in an era when media organizations have struggled to land in the black, he has provided page views (and thus ad impressions) aplenty. ..

As Leslie Moonves, chief executive of CBS, said in February, “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.”

Moonves’s comment was widely criticized at the time. It’s hard to quibble with his underlying premise, though: Trump’s antics have been unmistakably positive for the media’s bottom lines — at least in the near term — even as they have made media elites wince. Calls for “media blackouts” of Trump, to stop giving him the equivalent of billions in free advertising, were doomed from the start; as with any cartel-enforced embargo, there was too great an incentive to cheat and snatch up any available eyeballs that a blackout-observing competitor might leave on the table…

And yet, whatever our mutual disdain, we have clearly needed one another. For more than a year, Trump and the media have been the best of frenemies.


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