Cyber-warfare Comes Soon to a Computer Near You



UAE Cybercrime Law

1. Cyber crime law seeks to fight internet abuse and protect privacy (The National, 2012)

2. Far-reaching Cyber-Crime Law Is a Legal Necessity (Editorial in The National)

3. One in Four UAE Busineses Are Victims of Fraud. Cyber-Crime Represents More Than One-Third of Cases. (The National)

4. Worst passwords list shows there’s no safety in numbers (The National)

5. Addressing the Need for More Public Awareness of Cyber Crime (The National)

6. UAE’s love affair with smart phones increases threat of cyber crime (The National)

7. UAE arrests 90 suspected of cyber crime (The National)

8. Half of UAE teens have received cyber threats (The National)

9. Vigilance is key to reducing cyber threats (The National)

10. 42% of UAE residents want tighter web controls (The National)

11. Khalifa issues Federal Legal Decree No. 5 for 2012 on combating cyber crimes

12. Full Text of UAE Decree on Combatting Cyber Crimes (Gulf News)


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