When and How Do I Use the Copyright Symbol?

Forbes.com: "You trademarked your brand or company name and you can use a trademark symbol going forward. That's great news, but knowing when and how to use that symbol can be confusing." More


How Might Online Piracy Be Reduced?

TV networks aim to stop piracy on World Intellectual Property Day https://t.co/7csQWOuqRo via @TheNationalUAE — jimbuie (@jimbuie) April 27, 2016 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Google announces legal support for YouTube fair use copyright battles https://t.co/rHpWsNogjj via @ZDNet & @SecurityCharlie — jimbuie (@jimbuie) November 20, 2015  

Different Standards for Copyright of Online and Printed Material Spark Global Debate

If a publisher reprints an article in a book without the author's permission and without compensation, that is, legally, a copyright violation. But if a publisher links to the same article online, that is considered fair use, and indeed, the publisher is thought to be doing the author a favor, by giving his material more... Continue Reading →

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