How Might Online Piracy Be Reduced?



Loss of Internet Domains Can Cause Embarrassment

An internet domain is the unique url for a celebrity, business brand, product, or service. These domains can be easily purchased for a few dollars or dirhams, and there are many examples of disputed or “stolen” or hijacked domains. It is usually the responsibility of the public relations department of an organization to purchase, renew and protect the Internet domain each year or every few years by paying a small fee to an internet domain registry, and keeping the email contacts for any disputes up to date.

A PR department that forgets or neglects to pay for the domain can cause all kinds of havoc and loss of prestige for the company they work for, including loss of email communication, loss of website, and dilution of brand.

Recent examples of loss of domain:

  • The domain for a candidate for president of the United States,, redirects to the website of his opponent, also redirects to Click for details.
  • Apple has had to dispute use of the domain Gucci claims it should own
  • Cybersquatters in China are buying up famous brand names for companies and products and trying to sell them back for high prices. See