Are Our Mobile Phone Communications Private? Is Trump’s Phone Secure?

Is Trump Tweeting From a ‘Secure’ Smartphone? The White House Won’t Say. National Public Radio. Trump’s unsecure Android phone highlights common security dilemma
In-DepthComputerworldJan 27, 2017. 

Donald Trump still using personal Android phone despite potential hacking… 26, 2017

Use mobile phones as securely as possible – Security in a Box

US Considers Scanning Phones and Social Media Accounts Before Visitors Are Allowed to Enter US (


Julian Assange Achieves His Goals With Wikileaks

Assange’s Years-old Vision Becomes Reality

More on Julian Assange. Web. News.



Opposing Views on Online Privacy

Two books offering very different perspectives:

I Know Who You Are and What You Did, by attorney Lori Andrews, 2012.

Public Parts: How Sharing in the Digital Age Improves the Way We Work and Live, by Professor Jeff Jarvis, 2011.


Invasion of Privacy: What Are the Limits?

Can a person’s privacy ever be invaded legitimately?

Courts in the US have generally ruled that privacy can be invaded IF:

  • the disclosure of private facts is “newsworthy,” meaning the public has a legitimate interest in this matter.
  • a celebrity or public person has voluntarily revealed private information about themselves, but then objects when a news organization reveals more information that might contradict their self-serving depictions.
  • For example, suppose a presidential candidate or religious leader portrays himself as a great family man, preening for photos, preaches frequently about the importance of family and expresses harsh judgments about the lifestyles of others who do not meet his high standards. But then a publication reveals how he has betrayed his family and the sorry state of his relationships. Is this not a matter of legitimate public interest?
  • See “Making your personal affairs a matter of public concern.”
  • However, a Florida jury in 2016 ruled that the online publication Gawker egregiously violated the privacy of the wrestler/celebrity Hulk Hogan, awarding him $115 million in damages: $55 million for economic harm and $60 million for emotional distress. Additional money might be awarded for punitive damages against the publication.
  • Debate at New York Times site.

Apple Fights Government Order to Unlock Shooter’s Phone



French Agency Accuses Facebook of Violating Privacy

Facebook Ordered To Stop Tracking Non-Users In France

French Demands Could Hammer Facebook’s Business Model


Are Technology ‘Advances’ Making Privacy Violations So Much Easier?


“The Right to be Forgotten”: Emerging New Issue Online?

The European Union and Argentina have established a Right to be Forgotten (Wikipedia overview) by Google and other search engines. In the News.

Google and the Right to be Forgotten (New Yorker magazine.)

This is an issue worth exploring by students in Com 441.


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