UAE Residents Are Warned Against Surfing Child Pornography Websites

Surfing child pornography can be identified by the user's IP (Internet Protocol) address. This can be monitored by Etisalat or Du in the UAE and reported to police. A conviction for possessing child pornography can lead to six months in prison and/or a one million dirham fine. Surprisingly, convictions for downloading child pornography are harsher... Continue Reading →


‘Hate Speech Law’ Adopted in UAE

New UAE Law: 10 Years Jail for Hate Crimes and Discrimination. Anti-Discriminatory Law criminalises acts that insult religion through speech, written word, books, pamphlets or online media (Gulf News) 16 Provisions of Hate Speech Law (Gulf News) Experts Welcome New Anti-Hate Speech Law (Gulf News) UAE Anti-Discrimination Law Bans Hate Speech, Promotion of Violence ( Anti-discrimination law enacted... Continue Reading →

News Accounts on Defamation in the UAE

1. Media Freedom in the UAE: A Ranking That Does Not Tell the Whole Story (The National) 2. World Press Freedom Index (specifically about UAE) 3. Dubai police chief defamed on Twitter, court hears | The National 4. Twitter lawsuit: Court refuses to summon Dubai Police chief ... 5. Photograph public offences but do not publish: Dubai Police Chief ... 6. Dubai Police shut 15... Continue Reading →

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