UAE Residents Are Warned Against Surfing Child Pornography Websites

Surfing child pornography can be identified by the user’s IP (Internet Protocol) address. This can be monitored by Etisalat or Du in the UAE and reported to police. A conviction for possessing child pornography can lead to six months in prison and/or a one million dirham fine. Surprisingly, convictions for downloading child pornography are harsher in the United States — typically seven years or more in jail — than in the UAE.

Abu Dhabi man jailed for possessing child pornography ……/abu-dhabi-man-jailed-for-possessing-childpo

Jun 7, 2015 – ABU DHABI // A man found in possession of child pornography has been … The court convicted him according to article 18 of the information  .

UAE resident to be deported for sharing child pornography ……/uae-resident-to-be-deported-for-sharing-child

Mar 17, 2015 – ABU DHABI // The Supreme Court upheld the sentence on Tuesday for a man convicted of possessing and distributing child pornography  …

Man jailed for possessing child pornography |…/uae/…/man-jailed-for-possessing-childpornography-1….

Jun 7, 2015 – Abu Dhabi: A man has been convicted of possessing five CDs containingpornographic material featuring children. The Abu Dhabi Court of  …

Some are concerned that the UAE law doesn’t make enough distinctions between pornography and child pornography. Click.


‘Hate Speech Law’ Adopted in UAE

Verbal Or Online Insults in UAE Can Get You Fined Or Imprisoned

A man who insulted a woman on a news website has been ordered to pay a Dh10,000 fine, The National reports. This follows an earlier case in which a man who sent a text message accusing another man, his wife and entire family of lying was convicted of verbal assault on the honour and prestige of the recipient, and ordered to pay a Dh1,000 fine.

In spring 2014, James Kottak, drummer for the heavy metal band, the Scorpions, was sentenced to a month in jail after he acknowledged drinking five glasses of wine on a airplane. Then upon arriving in the UAE, he was accused of loudly insulting Islam, and lifting his middle finger at Muslims in the Dubai airport. Police said he also exposed his behind. He denied the additional charges. Coverage in The National.



News Accounts on Defamation in the UAE

1. Media Freedom in the UAE: A Ranking That Does Not Tell the Whole Story (The National)

2. World Press Freedom Index (specifically about UAE)

3. Dubai police chief defamed on Twitter, court hears | The National

4. Twitter lawsuit: Court refuses to summon Dubai Police chief 

5. Photograph public offences but do not publish: Dubai Police Chief 

6. Dubai Police shut 15 Twitter, Facebook accounts – Emirates 24/7

7. Facebook users risk jail or fine for uploading images – UAE official 

8. Cursing can be considered defamation in the UAE. You can get three months for gestures and swearing and a fine of 500 aed

9. Online Magazine Was Shut Down By Court for One Month and Fined 10,000 AED for Defaming Business, Calling It “Emirati in Name Only”

10. Defamation Laws Keep the Aggrieved Quiet, 2011. Lawyer criticized a developer in a public forum. The developer took the case to the police and a prosecutor went after the lawyer for criticizing the developer.  

11. YouTube Video Puts UAE Defamation Laws in Spotlight

12. British civil engineer complained, using profanity, that a mosque construction project would not be completed. He was deported.

13. ‘Satiric’ Video Leads to Jail Term for American in Dubai.

14. American to be Released from Jail for Spoof Video.

15. Spoof Video Shines Light on How We Are As a Society.

16. Criticism of UAE Courts Must Be Constructive

“We are not perfect and we try to change it. Any mistakes, we go in and try to change it. We’re not perfect, but we are doing our best,” said Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in a BBC interview, when asked about the case of Shezanne Cassim, who was detained on cybercrime charges after posting a video mocking youth culture. He also said that the treatment of the US citizen who spent nine months in jail was unsatisfactory, and suggested it was a mistake the UAE could learn from.

17. Man accused of insulting UAE leaders online referred to State Security Court (The National, January 2015)

18. Man Who Defamed UAE on Twitter Jailed for Three Years (The National, November 2014)

19. Man Fined for Telling People on Facebook and WhatsApp That Syrian Is ‘Con Man’ (October 2014)

20. Emirati Is Accused of Defaming UAE (October 2014). More (Sept. 2014)

21. Company Drops Defamation Lawsuit Against American Employee Over Facebook Comments

22. Man Accused of Insulting UAE Leaders Online Referred to State Security Court. (The National)

23. Woman Guilty of Online Insult Gets Jail Sentence Reduced to DH300 Fine

24. Man Appears in Court for Funding ISIL and Defaming UAE. Later: Jailed for 10 Years.

25. Man Who Defamed UAE Could Be Suffering from Social Isolation (The National)

26. ‘I Verbally Abused An Emirati Man on WhatsApp. Can I Be Charged?‘ (The National)

27. Man accused of insulting woman after dialling wrong number

28. Dubai court clears manager of verbally assaulting employee

29. Man did not mean to insult woman when he told her to ‘get lost’, court hears

30. Dubai court fines woman Dh2,000 for insulting love rival


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