Blogger Agrees to Pay Financial Settlement to Melania Trump for Defamation; Canadian Wins $65,000 in Lawsuit Against Neighbor for Facebook Post

First Lady Melania Trump has settled a defamation case against a US blogger who allegedly defamed her. The blogger agreed to pay an undisclosed sum and issued a retraction and apology. A Canadian in 2016 won $50,000 in general damages, and $15,000 in punitive damages against a neighbor who posted defamatory statements on Facebook. Click.... Continue Reading →


50 Years Since Landmark Libel Case

In 1964, the US Supreme Court set the "actual malice" standard on defamation of public figures, public officials and celebrities, as distinct from defamation of private persons. Fifty years later, several media organizations have examined the current state of US defamation law. The Landmark Libel Case, Times v. Sullivan, Still Resonates 50 Years Later ... Continue Reading →

These Videos Make Students Think. Retrospective Reports on Media Performance

The Wrong Man: Richard Jewell Stealing the Secrets of the FBI (1971 case) Taking the Lid Off the McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case About Retro Report: Retro Report is founded on the conviction that without a smart, engaging and forward-looking review of these high-profile events – and the news coverage surrounding them – we have wasted an opportunity... Continue Reading →

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