PR and Journalism Skills Go Hand in Hand

In practicing public relations, I found that my experience as a journalist counted for a lot. Journalistic skills were highly valued. I often suggest to my PR students that they should spend a few years in journalism first and that will make them better at PR. It's easy to move from journalism to PR, but... Continue Reading →


Unusual Public Relations Assignments

Public Relations can provide some unusual, surprising and challenging opportunities. Can you imagine being assigned to a PR campaign for a "good death"? How would you do it without engaging in tasteless, gallows humor? As part of the public relations firm of Barksdale Ballard, I worked with Bill Moyers, Public Affairs Television and PBS on... Continue Reading →

Symbiosis Between Public Relations and Journalism

Having worked in both public relations and journalism, I find this piece by Paul Graham insightful. The PR industry "lurks like a huge, quiet submarine beneath the news," working under the surface to project and protect the interests of the businesses they work for. Journalists actually depend a great deal on public relations firms. "Of the stories... Continue Reading →

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