ZU Student Publication Showcases Best Student Storytelling

Zajel, the Zayed University student publication, won a 2015 Mark of Excellence Award for "Best Online-Only Student Publication" from the Society of Professional Journalists. Fatima Karmostaji provided the details on the award. In 2016, Zajel started publishing regular video news stories. And for the first time, Zajel published during summer school, despite the fact that it was Ramadan and... Continue Reading →


Student Media Is Fundamentally Important to Professional Learning and Identity Formation

What follows is my written, prepared presentation for Society of Professional Journalists' Day at the American Community School, Abu Dhabi. Excerpts from my far more interactive and abbreviated oral presentation were transformed instantly into a professional podcast by Prof. Paul Lowman, to come. Click. It disturbs me when I see high schools and colleges without much... Continue Reading →

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