Khalid Al Ameri: Proactive Workers Will Soon Overtake Reactive Rivals

In The National, Emirati columnist Khalid Al Ameri observes that "the direction in which the UAE is heading will only have room for one type of worker to flourish: the proactive. That’s not to say the reactive ­generation will be poor and homeless, but they will be in for a harsh reality check." Read and reflect... Continue Reading →


Award-winning Filmmaker

Very proud of my student.

Exemplary Broadcaster, CNN Intern

Rakan Zainal, a Qatari citizen who interned at CNN, was one of ZU's truly outstanding students. He was profiled by Zajel, the ZU student publication, in 2014, and described how he became a boxing champion. Camel racing: Centuries-old sport with a modern twist - Camel racing: Centuries-old sport with a modern twist. By... Continue Reading →

TV Presenter With Artistic Interests

The National: "When it comes to interviews, Myriam Al Dhaheri is normally asking the questions. The 21-year-old has spent the past few weeks researching and interviewing some of the region’s most established artists, including the Emirati Jalal Luqman, the Syrian sculptor Mustafa Ali and the Kuwaiti artist Shurooq Amin. "The results will be seen as... Continue Reading →

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