Theme-based Blogs Now More Popular Than General Interest Blogs

I'm now a believer in theme-based blogs: readers are more likely to visit once or a few times and spend an hour if they are interested in your topic, but not likely to make a habit of visiting regularly to see new posts. WordPress does allow hardcore followers to subscribe to your blogs. Typepad charges... Continue Reading →


PR and Journalism Skills Go Hand in Hand

In practicing public relations, I found that my experience as a journalist counted for a lot. Journalistic skills were highly valued. I often suggest to my PR students that they should spend a few years in journalism first and that will make them better at PR. It's easy to move from journalism to PR, but... Continue Reading →

To Tackle Prejudice, First Tackle Confirmation Bias

"Confirmation bias" is widespread. Indeed it is human to "look for, find, remember and share information that confirms the beliefs we already have, and the tendency to dismiss, ignore and forget information that contradicts those beliefs." Confirmation bias is what spreads "propaganda and false or misleading claims among otherwise sensible and skeptical people." Here are... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Competition in the Marketplace of Ideas

Even America, which has a long history of freedom of speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment to the US Constitution, is continuing to learn, or relearn, the importance of competition in the marketplace of ideas. "True ideas need testing by false ones, lest they become mere prejudices and thoughtless slogans." — jimbuie (@jimbuie)... Continue Reading →

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